Can you say "super" fancy? 

This week, the Ohio Genealogical Society released their exhibitor and sponsor information for the 2014 conference. This is not your run of the mill invitation, however. 

First, I have to thank Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers and Hack Genealogy for the email on this one. 

Second, you really need to see this publication. The GenEx2014 Exhibitor and Sponsor Booklet, produced on Issuu, by the team behind the 53rd Annual OGS Conference (30 Apr - 3 May, Kalahari Resorts  Sandusky, Ohio) is absolutely beautiful. I've been watching this event with interest, as the theme and location stand out from the majority of genealogy events anyway. An African-themed resort, the Kalahari promises to be a fantastic venue for this event. What a great concept, for genealogy is an adventure, is it not?  And that is exactly how this conference committee has set the tone for 2014: adventure, excitement, and genealogy! What could be better? 

I must applaud them on this stunning piece. Incredibly well done, it provides the basic information you would expect of a conference looking for sponsors and advertising. But it is so far from what has been done before, it's a bit mind blowing. Read through a boring exhibitor press release? Not in Ohio! They've got a full color magazine! 

Wishing I had images to share, but alas, you will just have to follow the link above and see it for yourself. 

The message to take away? Genealogy conferences are changing. This is just one more example of that reality, and a wake up call to all the other major events. It's time to step it up, conference community, and take our events to the next level. 

Even if you are not planning on attending, take a look at what OGS is doing. They just put another feather in their cap. 



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